Krause's Homemade Candy • Albany, New York 

Our beautiful store and story...

      For three generations, the Krause family has been dedicated to bringing a smile to the faces of people everywhere with their delicious homemade candies. The secret behind those smiles - using the finest ingredients to make some of the most extraordinary chocolates and treats you'll ever enjoy!

      It all began in 1929, when Alfred Krause brought his knowledge of candy making with him to the United States from Germany. He opened candy stores on Long Island and in New Jersey, some of which are still in business today. The art of candy making, as well as his traditional recipes were passed on to Alfred's son Manfred. In 1972, Manfred and his wife Jean opened their own candy store in Saugerties, New York. Their son Tom, who at the time was just a young boy, began learning the trade while working along side his parents. Then, in 1986, Tom Krause opened Krause's Homemade Candy of Albany, New York.

      Since then, Krause's Candy has become very popular in the Capital Region. People come from all over to enjoy Tom's specialties like old fashioned peanut brittle, chocolate covered almond butter toffee, rich dark chocolate fudge and hundreds of other handmade treats. In fact, Krause's had become so popular around Albany that Tom and his wife Ann decided to move to a bigger store in 1996. They expanded even more in 1999 with the addition of a brand new factory to better serve their ever increasing amount of loyal customers.

      Tom Krause continues to follow in his Family's footsteps by always using the freshest ingredients and never, ever skimping on the good stuff that make Krause's Homemade Candies the best you will ever taste!