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  • Favorites Favorites
    Milk and Dark Chocolate, Milk Chocolate or Dark Chocolate assortments of the "Favorite" pieces.
  • Creams Creams
    Sweet, smooth and flavorful!! The best creams you will ever taste. The assortments include Milk and Dark Chocolate Orange, Maple, Lemon, Vanilla, Raspberry, Rum Balls and Chocolate Mousse.
  • Chewies & Crunchies Chewies & Crunchies
    For anyone who loves nuts, caramels and toffee, we have the box for you!! A delectable assortment of Chocolate Covered Nut Clusters, Buttercrunch, Caramels and Krause's Krunch Rice Crispy Clusters and Toasted Coconut Haystacks.
  • Soft Centers Soft Centers
    A Milk and Dark Chocolate assortment of sensational pieces all with a softer consistency.
  • Truffles Truffles
    An assortment of our smooth, rich, delicious truffles made with chocolate ganache centers and covered with more chocolate.
  • Nut Clusters Nut Clusters
    Rich milk and dark chocolate covering an assortment of roasted nuts including Almonds, Cashews, Peanuts, Pecans and Walnuts.
  • Almond Bark Almond Bark
    Classic combination of Chocolate and Almonds.
  • Buttercrunch Buttercrunch
    An outstanding combination of fresh roasted Almonds and fresh Butter, dipped in Chocolate and topped with crushed Almonds.
  • Caramels Caramels
    Soft and Chewy Kettle Cooked Caramel.
  • Caramel Critters Caramel Critters
    Fresh roasted nuts covered in gooey and delicious caramel and smothered in Chocolate.
  • Cherry Cordials Cherry Cordials
    Huge Maraschino Cherries surrounded by our succulent secret recipe liquid rum flavored center and drenched in irresistible classic!
  • Coconut Coconut
    Delicious shredded, sweetened Coconut coated in Chocolate. Perfect for every coconut lover!
  • Fruits Fruits
    Chocolate Covered Apricots, Ginger and Orange Peel.
  • Jellies Jellies
    A delicious combination of Raspberry and Chocolate. A time honored combo for the modern tastebuds!
  • Marshmallows Marshmallows
    Vanilla gives our Marshmallows an amazing flavor and dipping in chocolate makes them irresistible.
  • Marzipan Marzipan
    Sweetened and ground almonds create these moist and flavorful confections.
  • Non Pareils Non Pareils
    Premium chocolate coated in crunchy and colorful sprinkles. An old-time favorite.
  • Patties Patties
    Crisp and refreshing cream Peppermint and Wintergreen Patties.